Candlelit dinners in the Great Room. Picture perfect views of the sun setting over the distant Jemez Mountains, with strains of classical guitar reverberating from the ceiling’s 100-year old beams, create unforgettable evenings.

Our china is a replica of the 75 year old dining car service of the Santa Fe railroad, our silver flatware the 1937 “First Love.”

“Haciendas played host to baptisms, weddings, fiestas, and charro contests. Travelers who stopped for the night, whether invited or not, were treated to displays of hospitality, particularly in the more remote regions: ‘We arrived at about three o’clock . . . and the relics of the dinner brought forward for us. . .

We spent the afternoon in the shade on the terrace, chatting, smoking cigars with the ladies . . . the Marques de Salvatierro, with his lady and family, the Marques de Santiago, and his sister; miners, soldiers, lawyers — and priests, of course. Besides our worthy host, Don Antonio de Michaus, we made the number of his guests twenty-four, and for the most part they had come — like ourselves — au hasard, uninvited and unexpected, but sure of a hearty welcome and good fare.’”

Casa Mexicana, by Tim Street-Porter