Every suite different,
through every window the
mountains and sky.

Each suite is individually accessorized: Oso with its standing bear, Corazon (heart) and its wedding on horseback, antique fans, carved grape vines, crafted Crucitas, etched maize . . . .

Each room’s distinct theme is etched into the glass showers.
“Haciendas were the landed estates of old Mexico, some with territories as large as Belgium. They were created under a system established in the sixteenth century, which bestowed land to conquistadores in exchange for military and social services to the crown. As the Haciendado acquired more land and Haciendas grew, they became feudal estates supplying the needs of the surrounding community”.
Casa Mexicana,
by Tim Street-Porter

Each guest suite was meticulously
designed and situated so that every
one has a view of either the Sangre de
Cristo or Jemez mountains.

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